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What We Use and Why

At Wahoo Family Dentistry, our main concern is the care our patients. We use the latest products, materials and technology to make our patients as comfortable as possible at every visit. Our office uses the latest digital imaging to ensure the lowest exposure levels when taking x-rays.

Orascoptic is focused on providing the best visual aids allowing our staff superior visualization while performing all types of proceedures.

The Nomad allows us to gain clear imaging of internal tooth structure while exposing the patient to % lower radiation levels than a standard cone x-ray.

Ultradent was founded by a dentist who was not satisfied with current dental products and materioals on the market. Ultradent is an international company that is dedicated to providing the best products to treat multiple types of restorations as well as overall oral health.

Our Instrumentarium OP300 Panoramic x-ray machine allows for clear 3-D imaging of the entire craiofacial structure. This machine also allows for standard bitewing x-rays without the use of additional sensors which aids in gaining clear imaging for small children and others with severe gag reflex.

Dexis Sensors are one of the most comfortable sensors used to take standard and single x-rays. Their shallow profile and rounded edges not only afford the paitent the least amount of discomfort while taking x-rays, but also some of the clearest images acheiveable today.

The Schick 33 sensor offers the industry's highest theoretical resolution in x-ray technology. 

Pelton Crane provides some of the most innovative dental equipment design. For the comfort of our patients, every opporatory is equiped with the lastest 300 series chairs that offer a massaging system as well as a redesigned base system to allow easy entry and exit.

Hu-Friedy is one of the dental industry leaders in providing state of the art equipment  and infection prevention.

We proudly use Midmark dental sterilization equipment.

Local branch source ensure our office is effeciently equipped.

Wahoo Family Dentistry regulary performs biomonitoring testing that is analized by the University of Nebraska Medical Center to ensure that all of our sterilization equipment is working properly.

Every Dental Assistant at Wahoo Family Dentistry uses a Landauer badge which is regularly monitored to ensure that the levels of radiation received are within safe industry standards.

The Statim G4 series sets the benchmark for sterilization and instrument reprocessing technology.

Dr. Hart uses Vibraject to help alleviate injection discomfort.